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A link I found tonight, celebrating the World Cup, which is held in South Africa this year. 🙂



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My school has an end of year project due next spring and I’d love it if my readers posted their favorite quotes– NO RESTRICTIONS! Be it funny, serious, inspirational, whatever quotes from whichever walks of life! Help me in my crusade to collect the best quotes out there…. There’s so many to capture, so here’s my mission for YOU! Find the best quotes possible, tailored to your interests, and at the end of the year, I’ll post the ones I used… Thanks for your cooperation! ❤


Oh yes. Respect. It is one of the few things we as humans crave. In the words of William Penn, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”.

But what could he mean? My view is that anyone can read the same quote (or literature, for that matter) a MILLION different ways and still have full meaning.

As for now, in the context we are using it, people waste time building a rapport with higher ups. A little advertising is OK, but too much is what the layman calls “sucking up”.

Now, I hate hypocrites, so I’ll make it clear that I’ve “sucked up” before. Mostly for self- gain, but then again, that’s the point of the action.

And so we come back to the title of this post: RESPECT. What does it mean to you? I have wide opinions about this vague term, so I won’t waste your precious time by explaining MINE.

I wanna know: what’s your opinion?

Give a context, and I’ll either agree, disagree, or qualify. Remember, I am free to all POSITIVE comments.

No bashing and have respect


or I will delete you. 😀


I wonder sometimes… How many of us ACTUALLY listen to one another? Are we listening to our parents when we are IMing someone? Or perhaps our significant others as we listen to them ramble on the landline? Food for thought: Try to listen to the next person you actually TALK t

A Funny View To Listening

A More Poignant Look Towards Listening

Topic Of Post

o. I don’t mean look, listen, text. I mean, actually watch them and see body language. You’d be amazed at how much is said when they haven’t even uttered a syllable.

It occurred to me today that we as a species, are so occupied with other business that we never really do stop and smell the roses. We might pause and sniff, but no one in REAL life ever completely stops what they’re doing and discovers their world. The only social group I’ve witnessed who does, is children. Of course, there’s the exception to every rule, but for the most part, it seems only THEY do…

As a young adult, I strive to be as responsible as an adult, yet redeem my childhood state by wearing trendy fashions and obsessing over teenage interests, while keeping an unattached adult perspective. In NO WAY, do I have a love obsession with Robert Pattison! xD

My point for this post is, stop and take in your status, and the world around you. Most of all, the people closest to you. Even if it’s just a timid wave to your new neighbors, it can make people wonder about the human condition and quite possibly, have the life saving effect of belief in human kindness. The world in general is too cruel to hold a pointless grudge with your children, or peers for the younger set. I may only be 17, but I’ve been forced to grow up early, and gained BOUNDS of perspective…

My assignment for my few readers: Reach out to someone. Everyone IS fighting a harder battle, and just 5 minutes of human concern can make HOURS of a difference, no matter who you talk to. As long as you still have a heart, or a soul, what have you, concern and care for your fellow man (or woman, child) can make a huge difference.

All it takes is a bit of… Listening.

Hello World! Here I come!

So after watching the popular movie, Julie and Julia (I know, I’m slow on catching up on pop culture!), I got inspired to start my own blog… A similar experience to the dot com boom! I hope to start out answering general questions, and move on to specifics… Bear with me, I’m new to the whole blog experience… But isn’t that what life teaches us? My philosophy is, the best lessons learned are the ones learned by experience and/ or difficulty. I hope you join me on my journey through my (final) year in high school and on to bigger and better things… COLLEGE! Feel free to leave comments, and what not, I’m quite welcoming. Just, nothing inappropriate. 😉

Movie Cover for "Julie and Julia"

My inspiration for this blog 🙂